“I took a walk into the woods and came out taller than the trees.”~ Henry David Thoreau

Hello and welcome to Peak Freak Designs! Cindy here, creator, owner and adventurer. When I’m not crafting you can find me out on trail either hiking, running, backpacking or rock climbing. I absolutely love all things nature and trail tales, which shows in each of the handcrafted pieces you find here.

Why the name Peak Freak? I take my time spent in nature to create unique, all natural soaps and knits! Each items is named after a mountain I've climbed, a trail I’ve hiked/run, a park I've visited, or a natural place I'm inspired by. With all my outdoor engagement you can certainly say that I am indeed a Peak Freak!

Soaps: I like to tell the tales from the trail using my soaps. Each soap is inspired by one of my many adventures. I work hard to capture and share my memory of such places using all natural ingredients. I use only plant and mineral based ingredients. My soap's oils are all plant based, any colors in the soap are achieved using natural plant powder, mineral powder or a combination of both. Any scents used are all natural essential oils. I source locally when I can, and our latest soap, The Red which was inspired by Red River Gorge, contains essential oil from Little Mount Lavender in Simpsonville, KY and coffee grounds from Berserker Brew in Louisville, KY. My soaps come in 3 sizes; 4oz bars and 1oz hospitality bars, and smaller soap “samples” to help clients find the soap that works best for them. We currently partner with AirBnBs and locally owned vacation rentals to supply them with custom, natural hospitality soaps. Feel free to reach out to me via peakfreakdesign@gmail.com if you’re interested in wholesale and hospitality options!

Kint/Crochet: I also do knit & crochet wear! This summer we've been focused on knitting and crocheting soap accessories such as wash cloths and our "peak bags," aka, soap savers. These items are knit/crocheted with 100% cotton yarn. This winter we'll switch back over to wool/tweed knit hats, ear warmers, scarfs and wraps.

Additionally I knit one of a kind stuffed forest animals. The yarn used to make the animals are acrylic based for cost efficiency and easy cleaning. The yarn is also named after our national parks, Lion Brand’s Hometown series. They're absolutely adorable and snuggly good! 

Features: You can listen to our story, the trail tales, and all the detail that goes into our products via the Tread the Red Podcast


Myself and the Strawberry Mountain Soap were featured on WAVE Country on WAVE3 News!